9th Ave Pier in Belmar Featured on Lou’s Toughest Jobs

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In the past, Lou’s Toughest Jobs has taken Lou Russo from 94.3 The Point on some treacherous journeys. In this segment, 9th Ave Pier presented Lou with a different sort of challenge. Lets just say braving the high waters of the Point Pleasant inlet wasn’t required in this job. This time, all that was required was the ability to keep a beat. Lou ended up joining The Mike Dalton Band on stage in the singing of some Jersey Shore classics. Check it out!

Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty and Wharfside on Lou’s Toughest Jobs

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The latest addition of Lou’s Toughest Jobs took Lou Russo from 94.3 The Point to the high seas of the Point Pleasant inlet. Here is where Lou ventured out with Captain Rich and his deckhand, Livingston, to show you just how fresh the lobster served at Jack Baker’s Wharfside Restaurant and Jack Baker’s Lobster Shanty are.

You won’t find fresher lobster anywhere at the Jersey Shore. Check out the video and take it from Lou himself.

Lou’s Toughest Jobs takes on Anchor Tavern

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Lou Russo, from 94.3 The Point, was recently put to work at our Anchor Tavern restaurant in Belmar as part of the “Lou’s Toughest Jobs” series. Check out what happened when Lou got behind the bar at Anchor Tavern at 713 Main St. in Belmar!

Here is what Lou had to say

“We started the the series because someone questioned what might happen if I ever really had to work at a tough job for a living, and I decided to find out. For the most recent edition, Anchor Tavern in Belmar asked me to work for them, and I quickly accepted. I was so happy to hear I was working at Anchor Tavern. It’s an awesome place to eat, catch a game, enjoy happy hour and hang out with friends. The people at Anchor are also very brave, since they wanted me to be their happy hour bartender.”

Head to Moore’s to Watch Your Favorite Game

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Chef Patrick Taylor of Moore’s Tavern and Sports Bar knows what football fans like to eat while they watch the games, and he has created a menu to motivate them.

Barbecue wings, followed by Margherita pizzas, nachos, beef sliders and chicken tenders, are the preferred foods of those who root for their favorite team from a bar stool. Spinach artichoke dip, coconut shrimp, quesadillas and fried calamari round out these offerings that wash down so well with a draft beer.

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